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  • Inktober 02 – Suit Space is hostile to life. Radiations, vacuum, temperature… Everything is extreme in space.A single mistake can cost your life and the lifes of your crew.Is Cpt. Horacio doing such a mistake right now? /* Krita + Yiynova */ [STORY START] L’espace est hostile à toute forme de vie. Radiations, vide, température.. […]

  • Giger counter – Hold on. I need to make a check.– Yup. We’re deep enough anyway. So, how much?– One…– One what? Roentgen? Kilo-Roentgen? Don’t tell me this thing is in Sievert, that’s not funny.– Not sure… I never saw this model of Geiger counter before. Odd build… It even have a typo here. Look […]

  • Mr Eye Mr Eye is très chic. You see, he’s got the eyes for clothesHe doesn’t look no expenses to be seen on his best.Always watchful for novelties, Mr Eye is a visionary.***Mr. Oeil est très chic, Voyez-vous, il a l’oeil pour se vêtir.Il ne regarde pas à la dépense, car il faut voir et […]

  • New work requirement Ellie isn’t so sure about the new remote work requirement. Being interfaced is one thing, She even have had the cyberbrain upgrade. But connecting the cortex directly to the mainframe and bypassing her own senses is something else. Will she be able to keep her ego in one piece? *** Ellie n’est […]

  • Psychological Advantage – GKbot-4558? You are done too?– Yeah… I’ve been distracted.– The breastplate?– Yup, the breastplate.– I get you… How can one not stop and wonder before this wonderful adaptive multi-polymerase?– Yeah! right? I think it’s fractally reinforced with nanotubes of carbons electromagnetically aligned to reorient stress vectors!– Such a wonder! *** – GKbot-4558 […]

  • New armor I tried some character design and messed up badly with the texturing :/ Sharand is confused about this new protection on her armor suit. – So… This breastplate only function is pushing up my breast. I don’t get it. What’s the point in combat?– The point, my dear, is psychological advantage– But we’re […]