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  • Winter lake It is a nice place, refreshing in the heat of summer.No one knows why it is called like that, winter lakeBecause for as long as men can rememberNever ever it has froze or seen a snowflake *** C’est un très bel endroit, rafraîchissant en étéNul ne sais pourquoi on le nomme le Lac […]

  • Last day of summer

    Last day of summer Enjoy ourselves while we can, It’s the last day of summer! Let’s dance during all night, ‘tis a festival we’ll remember! *** C’est le dernier jour de l’été Dansons donc tous jusqu’à demain Ce festival est le dernier Du moins jusqu’à l’été prochain Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur […]

  • Summer snack It’s getting hot. Too hot. We’re readying the place for the arrival of the Great Old Ones, destroying our home planet in the process. And you know the worst? They have nothing to do with this destruction, we’re doing it by ourselves, to ourselves. *** Il fait chaud. Trop chaud. Nous détruisons notre […]

  • Summer Garden Imaging a sun so bright it burns your skin.The air is hot, almost unbreathable. But it’s ok, you’re under the plants shadows, you bare feet in the grass. Sweet fragrances are all around you. You have a cold aniseed drink at hand, and youd drawing pad on your laps. Birds are chirping, cicadas […]

  • R’lyeh has risen At last, the Great Cthulhu can enjoy our sun again. And some snacks. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook