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  • Invocation II We heard the chants on meadow hills. They were here, by the raised stones, chanting, screaming in the night, this night of walpurgis.We heard the screams in the night. They were here too, and the cultists screamed more. *** Nous avons entendu leurs chants sur Meadow Hills. Ils étaient là, aux pierres levées, […]

  • Nyogtha again ‘Leigh strode to the center of the room, staring at the chair that stood on the black circle of stone. “You work here?” he asked slowly.“Yes. It’s quiet—I found I couldn’t work upstairs. Too noisy. But this is ideal—somehow I find it very easy to write here. My mind feels"—he hesitated—"free; that is, […]

  • Nyogtha “Men knew him as the Dweller in Darkness, that brother of the Old Ones called Nyogtha, the Thing that should not be. He can be summoned to Earth’s surface through certain secret caverns and fissures, and sorcerers have seen him in Syria and below the black tower of Leng; from the Thang Grotto of […]

  • Summoning the Dragon From the depths of this volcano, I summon thee, Harbinger of Fire !bring my foes mayhem and woe !Burn them up, that’s my desire ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook