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  • Tea time – …and when I came back, the lid was broken and all the content has been stolen!– Oh my, this is most disrespectful. I mean, it was clearly labelled as a grave, with skulls and such.– Of course! We even carved some curses in forgotten languages and gargoyles and grimacing faces and all.– […]

  • Bubbles Eyed Tea

    Bubbles Eyed Tea And now a word from our sponsor: “ Tired of the same old drinks? Want to try something new and different? Something that will twist your brain upside down? Then you’re in luck! Come and try our brand new Bubbles Eyed Tea! Approved the city council chairman of R’lyeh, the Great Cthulhu […]

  • Just a maid, Ep.17 : Madam is coming – Please wait here for a while, Madam will see you soon. Meanwhile would you care for more tea, Mr Poulpe ?– Oh yes, plebleblease. Ylou knowbln, I am febliy excited toble see Madam at lblblast. Tellblbl me, Howbl is she ?– You’ll see for yourself. (with […]

  • Just a maidEp 7 : Tea time – Spoon must be on top, not the right, Joséphine. – flbluuuuaargh…– That’s it, nice and steady on the teapot. You’re doing well! – Flibrlibrlibrli !– Now, go fetch me the scones, would you? Pencil Doodle on A6 sketchbook for Just a Maid, a story about Martha, maid […]

  • Tea Spirit Rub the teapot the right way, And he shall appear right away ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook