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  • Null Pull It looks like those pillars are defying gravity. But here at the Thaumic Core, there’s no gravity to defy. It’s true, gravitosnakes can reshape physics to their will. That’s why we harvest them. But their wills are only chaotic impulses. And as the result of blending all the colors is an unsaturated brownish […]

  • Hunter’s door Behold the Hunter’s door!To stand before these stair     Is to challenge the warriorsIs to say: I’m ready to dare! *** Voici la porte des chasseursBaignée d’une chaude lueureSe présenter à son oréeC’est hurler “Je suis pret !” Krita on Yiynova

  • From the soil I was born from the soilformed and ready to goDrenched in my own bloodI must find where to go *** Je suis né de la boue couvert de sangDéjà formé et pret à marcher longtempsPour trouver une place en ce mondePour trouver mon chemin immonde. Watercolor pencil doodle on A5 sketchbook / […]

  • Cube of matters Its a matter of cubeOr a cube of mattersI’m not hyper of this cubeNot that it matters… *** C’est un problème cubiquePermutations avant arrièrela solution est uniquePeu importe la matière Pencil doodle on A6 setchbook + Gimp / Porte mine sur carnet A6 + Gimp       

  • Are your faith worth it? – Did you doubt my devotion?– I merely asked if your life is worth less that the rites, sir.– Blasphemy! The Rites are above everything! You’re mocking my faith, our religion!– I merely tested your faith, sir.– Then you see it’s strong enough! Now let me in.– Please go in, […]

  • Lines Playin with ink brush, I must learn to make straight lines with it.I should have worked zig-zag though… Well, I think it makes an interesting piece altogether. Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook