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  • Frankencat A good veterinarian will keep your pet alive, and well.A smart veterinarian will make your pet alive, again /* Commission for a friend, Krita + Yiynova */ Un bon veto gardera votre chat vivant et en bonne santéUn veto doué, vous le gardera vivant… tout court.

  • Elixir of dreamshaping

    Elixir of dreamshaping Good day, my most faithful customer! Regarding your special order, it took me a while, but I think I finally figured it out. Behold! The elixir of dreamshaping. With just a teaspoon of this potion, you’ll be able to give shape and substance to your wildest dreams. I strongly suggest to proceed […]

  • Feral bone spirit -31- Scattered You found the spirit, at lastBut it felt from afar, halas!How will you do little rabbitWill you collect all the bits? *** Lapin retrouve l’esprit d’osMais il est trop tard, hélasSes os gisent brisés, éparsComment soigner ce déjà mort ? Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook – The adventures of a […]

  • The Alchemist making potions Little by little, working the inkNever let my hope sinkThat one day I will get skillsTo master brushes as i do pencils Ink brush on A6 sketchbook

  • Just a maid, ep.13 : Shopping The alchemist living down-street is a strange fellow that one day realized he forgot to die. To continue his magical studies he needed funds and so opened a shop. He have a vast network of suppliers, and soon he found that selling his surplus and his own personal creations […]

  • The feral bone spirit, ep 24 : Edelweiss High above the mountain, up in the skyGrows a flower knows at edelweissA supreme delicacy, hard to obtainThe spirit hopes it will not be in vain Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook – The adventures of a feral bone spirit

  • Feral bone spirit, ep 23 : Branches Shaking and pulling and gnawingthe snowy pines are resistingto the last idea of spiritto bring branches to the rabbit Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook – The adventures of a feral bone spirit

  • This is highly impractical ! A long time ago, the Dark Lord commissioned a new armor from the dwemer people. He wanted it to be dark, massive, spiky and sturdy enough to be able to withstand the blows of a dragon. So they did. The Dark Lord was furious, this armor was highly impractical. He […]

  • Inktober 2018, Day 13 : Guarded A guardian that never sleeps nor rest. Inktober 2018 – #01 – Poisonous Inktober 2018 – #02 – Tranquil Inktober 2018 – #03 – Roasted Inktober 2018 – #04 – Spell Inktober 2018 – #05 – Chicken  Inktober 2018 – #06 – Drooling Inktober 2018 – #07 – Exhausted […]

  • The alchemist that forgot to die It was not sudden, nor a progressive and noticeable thing. It’s just that one day, he realized he forgot it all. Breathing, food, the need to sleep… He always seen that as an hindrance to his magical studies, and years (decades ? centuries ?) of training his will to […]