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  • Adventure – Retrieve the Magicalu Fulute There’s many secrets in the world. Secret places, secret peoples, secret names. There’s secret ways to move silently. Secret words to ease the pain. And secret ways to produce water on the road.After polity asking Notagnome to look elsewhere, you managed to produce enough water to soften the roots […]

  • Winter lake It is a nice place, refreshing in the heat of summer.No one knows why it is called like that, winter lakeBecause for as long as men can rememberNever ever it has froze or seen a snowflake *** C’est un très bel endroit, rafraîchissant en étéNul ne sais pourquoi on le nomme le Lac […]

  • Lake Mansion Oh, I wish to find the perfect home,I’m longing for a place of my ownThe laws of the land are very harshTo be frank, many owners are trash. *** Ah que j’espère un jour avoir mon pied à terreUne demeure que je pourrais enfin dire mienneMais la loi du sol est rude et […]

  • Tubes

    Tubes The great multi-eyed squids of Altair V never bother to become amphibious. They rather build more aqueous tubes of transportation and give underwater respiratory apparatus to their guests. Is it pride? Laziness? When asked about, they always elude the questions and keep referring mysteriously to the ways of the Great Resonance. Strange people indeed, […]

  • Water Priestess

    Water Priestess “It’s cold. It’s damp and I’m tired. So please get over my watercoat and boots, I assure you that I am wearing the traditional attire underneath. Water is my medium, my body and my soul but I will not be drenched every time I must officiate!” – Mizu no Kifune, High priestess of […]

  • Dragon bath Bathing with a flame breathing dragon have some nice perks.Like every outdoors bath suddenly becomes an onsen. *** Se baigner avec un dragon cracheur de feu a des avantages.Par exemple, chaque baignade en exterieur devient une source chaude. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6 

  • Loch Ness Deep dark waters what are you hiding?Underneath the waves what is it lurking?I asked Urquhart’s ghost, he did not knewHe laughed at my face and away he flew. *** Que cachez vous, sombres flots vivaces ?Quels secrets rôdent sous votre surface ?J’ai demandé à Urquhart, il n’a jamais suIl m’a rit au nez […]

  • Skopa Draconis – Porte-lien of Saphire My liege is like water. Gentle, soft and fresh. And sometimes violent, furious and unstoppable. Thanks to the gentle patronage of a kind Dragoness (not kidding), I designed a card game based on the traditional Italian Game Scopa.Each card is customized to the theme and needs of a french […]