• The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist

    The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist A half-naked madman, dancing before a desecrated altar covered with obscene sigils written in blood and feces. There’s no moon tonight, only the dim light of some candles. And yet… we can see everything. What’s wrong with our eyes? /* Third of a 4 part commission illustrating a […]

  • The Dee sanction 2/4 – A Doll A doll of rags and tatters, made of clay and human hair lousily arranged in a huge hairdo.It bears a striking resemblance with the Queen. It should be cute, even with this poor craftsmanship. Look at this little ruff!Yet… I find it sinister. Is it the eyes? /* […]

  • The Dee sanction ¼ – Tudor Muggers Muggers, that was bound to happen. These streets aren’t as they used to be.A tragedy, really. A raw, and brutal event. Sadly more and more common.Yet, there’s something new. These eyes…What’s up with these eyes ! /* First of a 4 part commission illustrating a Cthulhu Hack RPG […]

  • Frankencat A good veterinarian will keep your pet alive, and well.A smart veterinarian will make your pet alive, again /* Commission for a friend, Krita + Yiynova */ Un bon veto gardera votre chat vivant et en bonne santéUn veto doué, vous le gardera vivant… tout court.

  • Inktober 31 – Risk Living in Space is assessing risks. Living is assessing risks.Should I do this? Or that? Should I destroy a newly discovered intelligent species and kill what’s left of my crew?Should I let a space-traveling, invasive hive-mind alien take over a desolated moon? Captain Horacio has made a choice. What is yours? […]

  • Inktober 30 – Slither All’s done.Pressure ok.Oxy-tank full.Warp engine stable.Antimatter fuel tank full.Van Halen deflectors operational.Navcomputer online and calibrated. Horacio slithers into the cockpit and took a brief look outside: Ever growing crystals. Raven. Doc. The crew, or whatever they have become.Her hands reach for the com. She tries to say something but can’t. What’s […]

  • Inktober 29 – Patch The good thing about focusing on a task, is that you can ignore your environment.You can ignore the crystals that kept on growing and set up a life support module with Doc’s help.You can ignore the faint presence at the back of your skull and gather the tools to set up […]

  • Inktober 28 – Crispy She slowly stands up and feels something crispy under her suit… crystals.She sees Raven walking nearby, his helmet’s wide open. She could… might… No. There’s nothing to do but returning to the ship. Now… slow and steady. No rush. Oxy’s fine and so’s the suit. One cut and she will be […]

  • Inktober 27 – Connect Like a cable that is cut, Horacio is disconnected from the network, disconnected from them.Her integrity restored; she slowly starts to regain consciousness of her environment. It hurts a bit.A quick glance at the oximeter, all right. No pressure drop. No leak. Chrono tells her she was out for no more […]

  • Inktober 26 – Extinct New memories, new connections. Memories not her own.Horacio’s not dreaming, she’s remembering.There was there was a world, a long time ago.Like earth, life happened, thrived, evolved.Like earth, humanoids took the lead and built cities.Like earth, knowledge was created and lost.Unlike earth, they discovered how to rebuild their brains on periodic molecular […]