SLAM – Supersonic Low Altitude Missile

Today I feel like starting a small series on missiles and spaceships.

SLAM stands for Supersonic Low Altitude Missile. (…)
is a deadly concept, feasible and quite simple. When flying at great
speeds, turbo-reactors doesn’t need to compress the air intake which is
forced through an adjustable nozzle. Also nicknamed Ramjet (cause it
rams the air into it) it can effectively sustain itself given enough
heating, starting speed and low altitude (greater air density) .
Conventional fuel wouldn’t provide enough heating in this case, thus the
nuclear reactor which can deliver quickly very high temperatures.

need to say such an insane aircraft can fly for a looong time,
delivering several payloads at very low altitude and very high speeds,
fly under most radars with an unpredictable trajectory while spreading
shock wave and radioactive fallouts in its trail.

The project has been studied by the dod and then abandoned; ‘cause it is a weapon designed for first strike and not dissuasion.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook