Cecil Tarrow

Hogwarts School for Talented Wizards, September 2001

Cecil is quite the shy one, he doesn’t like to stand out much and only his closest friend knows why. Alastor remembers him as a jovial and enthusiastic boy, back when they were playing in Diagon Alley. He hadn’t seen Cecil since his fathers and him went abroad. So when Alastor’s father told him that Cecil’s got into Hogwarts too, he was delighted to see his old friend again. And then was devastated to learn about Cecil’s father painful death.
Since then, Alastor vowed to act as a big brother and stay forever close to Cecil, even if Cecil is older than him and quite capable to take care of himself.

Cecil is terrified of flying to the point he actively search to be dispensed, but so far with little results. He likes drawing and joined the Arts & Crafts Club. Recently he discovered a strange burnt journal under his bed. With his closest friends Alastor, Pâris and Artemisa, they started to investigate what led to strange turn of events during the year 1977…

Pencil Doodle on A6 sketchbook
Player Character for Harry Potter RPG