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  • What an adventure! – Aye Shelly. Happy now?– Oh Gregor, I am delighted! We got a jeweled crown, shiny swords, beautiful carpets and so much gold! And look, pointy magic sticks!– Careful with that! Yer know, I don’t think you were s’ppose to took it. They prepared riddles and stuff for us, I think… I […]

  • Shelly got an idea Sometimes, Shelly’s got ideas. And often, Gregor’s too kind to refuse.So of they go ! To follow the dark hooded mysterious figure to forbidden forest in search for a drop of liquid moonlight… *** Krita + Yiynova *** Parfois, Shelly a des idées. Et souvent Grégor est trop gentil pour refuser.Alors […]

  • Adventure – Out of the woods, alone You made it! Congratulations! Resting under the last shadows of the edge of the woods, you listen to the wind gently rustling the leaves above. There’s a large harbor below. Must be Dylath Leen, which means this large body of water are the Southern Seas. From here, so […]

  • Adventure – Only shapes of wood It’s no use, the plants are stronger. They want more blood. Your blood. As you breath is getting thinner and thinner, you feel sap slowly crawling into your veins. Roots and branches pierce and grow from your barked skin. Leaves sprouts onto your body. The pain is excruciating, but […]

  • Adventure – Caught by the vines It only took a slight moment of inattention. Now there’s vines around your wrist, vines with eyes! It keep growing and moving, and wriggling around you! You must do something! What will you do? – Attack the vines– Let the vines grab you, maybe they’re harmless?– Get free and […]

  • Adventure – Still Lost in the woods Oh bummer. Trees. Lots of trees… Is that a birch? Whatever, still no sign of getting out and paths leads nowhere. You feel like you’re going in circles. Admit it… you’re lost. What will you do?– Stay where you are and think.– Keep walking, what else can you […]

  • Adventure – Then I will follow you! – “No gold?”– “Not a coin”– “You haven’t any coin left on you? That’s…”– “Well you see…”– “That’s sad! So sad!” Are they.. crying? – “It’s…”– “Don’t fret !”– “What?”– “Notagnome will help you and tag along until good fortune stumble upon you! Then you can repay me.”– […]

  • Adventure – Lost in the woods Well, you’re lost. Again. Didn’t you already saw this tree? ugh… walking into theses bushes is exhausting. Sometimes you see small movements from the corner of your eyes. Birds maybe… What will you do?– Stay where you are, and rest a while– Keep walking, you’ll should end somewhere… eventually,– […]

  • Adventure – Not Alone

    Well, you’re lost.This forest is confusing, paths begins and ends without rhyme orreason. Fortunately, there’s no more laughs and voices. It’s stillcreepy, ‘though. You can’t shake this feeling that something is stillwatching you. Wait… have you been there already? What will you do?- Stay where you are, and wait.- Keep walking,– No wait, this way […]

  • Adventure – So long and thanks for the gold Grabbing your Gold Coins, Notagnome the goblin run away. The dense vegetation don’t seem to bother them at all, it would be difficult to pursue them. You hear a faint “thanks for the gold you stuphief!” You’re quite lost and unsure of the direction to take. […]