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  • Our Lord and Savior the Great Cthulhu I tried to draw something different, starting with simples lines. And then.. tentacles ! Pencil doodle for A6 sketchbook

  • The Masks of Nyarlathotep – Infiltration of the Misr Mansion Somewhere on the swamps of the North Sea, England, February 21, 1925 Sean was leading the newly formed squad of ne’er-do-well through the swamps. Cautiously, they avoided getting to far off the road, and thanks to the moonlight, managed to close up to the Misr […]

  • Orient-Express – Heated discussion in Paris Paris, a café near the National Library, 1923, January the 15th, Choura was extremely nervous. This café was a gathering point for socialists wannabe and left-wing extremists. Not the kind of place you expect to visit when you are from Russian nobility. He took a glance at Carl, which […]

  • The Simulacrum of Sedefkar London, Somewhere in Cheapside, January 1923 Struggling to sit up, the Professor gave up and stayed lying in his bed, forcing the others to gather and lay upon him to hear him talk. Well… more a faint raspy whispering than his usual brilliants speeches.– I won’t.. I can’t chat longly with […]

  • Orient-Express – The Maudslay Collection London, British Museum, January 1923 – And now gentlemen, it’s time for our Pièce de Resistance !Julius Smith took a dramatic pause, then unveil a massive statue of a woman with a delicately chiseled head of a cat. The audience gasped as they saw the eyes of the statue shining […]