The Simulacrum of Sedefkar

London, Somewhere in Cheapside, January 1923

to sit up, the Professor gave up and stayed lying in his bed, forcing
the others to gather and lay upon him to hear him talk. Well… more a
faint raspy whispering than his usual brilliants speeches.
– I
won’t.. I can’t chat longly with you. The pain… Listen… Listen the
last wish of a dying man. I was tracking an ancient artifact named the
Simulacrum of Sedefkar, that was broken into pieces at the end of the
eighteenth century and dispersed through all Europe. It is a statue with
powers. Real powers ! I need you to find it.
– Will it help to heal you ?
– No ! NO ! Smith coughed. I want you to destroy it !

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
Excerpt from an ongoing run of Call of Cthulhu Campaign : Terror on the Orient-Express