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  • Happy MMXXIII Here’s to a New Year!Drink what you can,say what you not may,do what you want! Thank you friends,for your support,for your kind words,for being you. Happy MMXXIII ! /* Krita + Yiynova */ Je trinque à une nouvelle année !Trinquez avec moi, de ce que vous voulez,Dites-moi donc, ce qui vous a fait […]

  • First Blood: Krontukald-Kazakongzan – Book Cover Durant le premier âge, les nains – le peuple de Duka – fondèrent la plus grande et la plus prospère cité du monde émergé. Dans les profondeurs de la plus haute montagne du Monde, la première Reine : Volgit, fit creuser Dol Rual. Mais voici que commence le second […]

  • Crown of victory Oh to be crowned by sweet victoryOh to win, against all odds, in excessFar above the others, is it glory?That is not the same, as success /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 *//* This is a commission suggested by all my subscribers, Please enjoy! */ Ah quelle […]

  • Caveman Commission 2 There’s much sophistication in the paleo-ways, much more than the average joe knows about. Subtle social codes, untold rules, secret ways of crafting. You survive in the (very) old times not because you’re strong, but because you know. /* Pencil doodle on A5 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A5 */ Les temps […]

  • Caveman Commission After consuming the blood of a fallen mammoth god to survive a savage fate, this once normal human has become something more. More good or more worse? I suppose we’ll find out. /* Pencil doodle on A6 skertchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Il a bu le sang du Dieu Mammouth Déchu. […]

  • The Dee sanction 4/4 – A Cook Does this cook taste good?Oh yes, very raw.But it’ll cost you an eye… /* Last of a 4 part commission illustrating a Cthulhu Hack RPG supplement for the Dee Sanction ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/allrolledup/the-dee-sanction-adventures/ )( The Dee sanction: http://thedeesanction.com/ */ Est-ce un bon cuisinier ?Oui, quoique très cru.Et il coûte […]

  • The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist

    The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist A half-naked madman, dancing before a desecrated altar covered with obscene sigils written in blood and feces. There’s no moon tonight, only the dim light of some candles. And yet… we can see everything. What’s wrong with our eyes? /* Third of a 4 part commission illustrating a […]

  • The Dee sanction 2/4 – A Doll A doll of rags and tatters, made of clay and human hair lousily arranged in a huge hairdo.It bears a striking resemblance with the Queen. It should be cute, even with this poor craftsmanship. Look at this little ruff!Yet… I find it sinister. Is it the eyes? /* […]

  • The Dee sanction ¼ – Tudor Muggers Muggers, that was bound to happen. These streets aren’t as they used to be.A tragedy, really. A raw, and brutal event. Sadly more and more common.Yet, there’s something new. These eyes…What’s up with these eyes ! /* First of a 4 part commission illustrating a Cthulhu Hack RPG […]

  • Magical Cestus Wrapping my fist with the sturdiest leather is not enough. Brass rivets are not enough. I want more, I want to win all the fights. I want to hear the whole Arena cheer for me, loudly, like no one before!So I added words to my cestus. Magical words. Words of hurt and mayhem.Is […]