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  • Dwarven negociations Thudione lost his eyes at a very young age. A lithium ingot slipped from his hands into the furnace. The resulting flash was so violent, so intense he instantly lost his vision and got a permanent tan. Some would be crippled with despair after that. Not him. He went to Balain the clan’s […]

  • Xronian Clockwork

    Xronian Clockwork As a gift to the library of Kaiku, the Xronians built a special Clock for Index. It has quite the number of hands, one of them turning in reverse. There’s also a clepsydra dripping upward, many wonderfully engraved gears and a crystal pendulum. Index complains a bit about the eerie green light at […]

  • Dwarven sailor Good wind today, we may set sailTom’rrow with luck, tonight with sweatWe’ll hang on thigh and heavy-ho !With a bottl’o’rhum and Yo-ho-ho ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook by request