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  • Lightbringer It is unwise to stroll theses corridors by night. Alone. You could make some rather… unpleasant encounters in the dark. Allow me to escort you and bring you some… light. I insist. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Ce n’est pas très prudent de parcourir ces corridors la nuit. Seul. Vous pourriez faire des rencontres […]

  • Dragon on the road As you stroll through this narrow forest path, you encounter this small reptile.Standing, wary of you presence, the little creature is gauging you, patiently.What will you do? *** Alors que vous vous promeniez dans les bois, le long de ce sentier étroit, vous croisez ce petit reptile.Dressé, aux aguets, conscient de […]

  • Sombral Hogwarts, November 18, 2001 The moon should have risen by now, but with those clouds it is impossible to tell. It is dark under the pines and yet, Paris could swear he saw something moving in the shadows. He and Artemisa goes down the hill first, followed by Cecil and Alastor after a while. […]