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  • Smoktober 30 Returning home was easy, Elijah’s a good sailor. Now Sarah can relax, pampered, she’s under good care.They hold hands under the porch, smiling and waitingThere’s only one question left: What about the naming? *** Le retour fut aisé, Elijah est un marin hors pairMaintenant Sarah peut se reposer, choyée et dorlotéeAssise sous leur […]

  • Smoktober 29 – “No way… My love?” – “Yes, my dear, I’m expecting.”– “But how?… The tobacco… Delilah!… It’s her doing?”– “She did it for you. For us. She knew you’d come.”– “We tried for so long, I thought… Oh my love!” *** – “Pas possible… Chérie ?” “Oui mon amour, c’est en route.”– “Mais […]