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  • Null Pull It looks like those pillars are defying gravity. But here at the Thaumic Core, there’s no gravity to defy. It’s true, gravitosnakes can reshape physics to their will. That’s why we harvest them. But their wills are only chaotic impulses. And as the result of blending all the colors is an unsaturated brownish […]

  • Le garcon qui criait Cthulhu Gary’s a hardcore fan of Lovecraft’s work. He have it all: books, pen-works, fanfics, posters, games, paintings, figurines, jewels, originals issues of weird tales, fac-simile of 1920’s paperwork… everything. It all started with a Stephen King reference to the Great Old Ones. Intrigued, he went to dig further and became […]

  • What an adventure! – Aye Shelly. Happy now?– Oh Gregor, I am delighted! We got a jeweled crown, shiny swords, beautiful carpets and so much gold! And look, pointy magic sticks!– Careful with that! Yer know, I don’t think you were s’ppose to took it. They prepared riddles and stuff for us, I think… I […]

  • Hellride We’ve been in this choir for far too longI’m tired of singing this f-ing songHop on my friend, it’s time to fight backLet’s ride ‘till the end, TO HELL AND BACK! *** Krita on Yiynova *** Y’en a marre de chanter les louangesD’un seigneur absent et de ses angesMonte mon pote, il est temps […]

  • Fire Sorcerer It’s simple, see? You just put you hand like that, channel your anger and let it out. That’s all.Why the screams… I… Stop. Please. I cannot show you anger management techniques if you keep running and screaming. *** Krita on Yiynova *** C’est tout bête, vraiment. Mettez votre main comme ça, canalisez votre […]

  • Loyalty over Skills This is what happens when you choose loyalty over skills.When told to “Fight fire with fire” they’ll do it. without pesky questions. ***Voilà ce qui arrive quand on recrute uniquement sur la loyauté au lieu de la compétence.Quand on leur dit de “combattre le feu par le feu”, il le font, et […]

  • Fireproof John John Takoman is a mutant with newfound superpowers. He discovered his while playing with matches, which is not really spectacular for a backstory.He can’t start a fire by himself but he can withstand the most blazing of braziers, coming out relatively unscathed. That is something.Nowadays, he switches between two jobs: fireman and fireman. […]

  • Ink Dragon At last, they’re free! Free from their underground prison, Free to soar the skies and set the world ablaze!Fear the burst of Wrath that had be contained for too long ! *** Enfin ils sont libres !Libérés de leurs prisons souterrainesLibres de s’envoler dans les cieux et de carboniser les contraintes de ce […]

  • Arson – See?– You are so right! Arson is much more fun when done together!– Now let’s find a bank! *** – Tu vois ?– T’avais tellement raison ! La pyromanie est tellement plus amusante à deux !– Allez, maintenant trouvons une banque ! Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook / Encre au pinceau sur […]

  • We’re doing fine

    We’re doing fine “Kovalik speaking… yes, commander… We’re doing fine here… No… just some slight resistance and usual mutated heretics, nothing big. We’ll be back in 4-6, as planned… Yes, I do recommend to prepare the orbital bombing once we’re done… Over and out.” Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** “Ici Kovalik… Oui, commandeur… Tout […]