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  • Dark Thoughts I fought hard, battling demons and devil’s offspringupon the plains of Hell where no one is watchingEach time I came victorious, again and again,But why I feels like everything’s still the same ? *** J’ai combattu démons et suppôts de SatanDans les plaines infernales, ou nul âme ne se rendsDe chaque bataille, j’en […]

  • Epic Tatoo 1 – The Black Knight The Dark Portal is now open, the orcs are there.They kill, loot and plunder, there is no surrender, Richs and poors alike has been tortured and hung,The kingdom has fallen, the crown is now broken. *** Le Noir Portail est ouvert, la Horde débarqueIls pillent et tuent sans […]

  • Witch of the Waterfall

    Witch of the Waterfall The Lady of the Lake is pretty chill. Her cousin, the Witch of the Waterfall, is a little less sociable. You get a sword but you won’t like where Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook from a famous tumblr post : https://tenaciouszombiearcher.tumblr.com/post/185595510161/9d6problems-the-lady-of-the-lake-is-pretty-chill *** La Dame du Lac est charmante. Sa cousine, la […]