The overseer is not pleased

So this is it. This is the project you were working on these last
three year. I am very disappointed, young man. This is unacceptable. Did
you know how many valuables resources you wasted on this…Is this
supposed to be an equine? Whatever. You will be responsible for this
failure, you know. How do you think the evaluation board will react to
this adorable little creature? With their teeny tiny eyes and cute
little legs…

Can I keep it?


voila ? C’est ça le projet sur lequel vous avez travaillé ces trois
dernières années ? Je suis très déçu, jeune homme. C’est inacceptable.
Est-ce que vous savez combien de ressources vous avez gaspillé pour
produire ce… Est-ce que c’est sensé être un équidé ? Peu importe. Vous
serez tenu responsable de cet échec, vous savez. Comment croyez-vous
que le bureau d’évaluation réagira à cette adorable petite créature ?
Avec ses petites papates et ses piti yeux…

Je peux la garder ?

Krita + Yiynova      


Pony of the end

Started a new sketchbook for the Inktober, but there were some pages left in the previous one.So what could I draw on the last page ?

Ponies, of course !

Daily Doodles will pause for the time to Inktober to finish ^^

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook


At the gala

– We’re in, sister !
– Look at the place ! it’s gorgeous !
– Do you think we’ll see the new princess ?
– For the thousand time : I don’t know ! But I hope so !
– Oh look : a buffet !

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook


The mysteries of Underfoal

Yes, darling. lift me higher to the next mural ! I think this one
has some clue… hummm… Nope. Just another crystal pattern of…
wait… Oh my Celestia ! this is no decoration ! this is a language !

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
Excerpt from the “Festival of lights” campaign supplement from “Tails of Equestria” RPG


The world is vast !

The world is vaster than anyone can possibly conceive.Just see for
yourself by exploring around your home. Each wall, each corner, each
bush is a world in itself, containing myriads of life, details and
secrets. Then proceed further to the street and the houses around. They
too are worlds within worlds. And again to the block, then to the city,
then country… With each step, the complexity expands exponentially to
the infinity. And by doing so, you’ve just took a look at one fine
minuscule branch of a multidimensional tree that is the universe. This
tree have more branches that you can ever count, more nodes than you can

Vertigo seize your soul as you struggle to grasp how vast the world really is.

Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook.


Mean Request

Sometimes i receive mean requests.I don’t understand those who are mean just for the sake of it.
So here my twist on a “cultist eating a grilled pony with an apple in its mouth” request. Prepare to be stampeded !

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook


Mermay – The deep friend

Mermay is coming to an end, so this is my last minute submission to an overall quite pleasant event.

Crown has a secret. She knows a spell that no other seapony knows. She
learned it by listening to the songs of the deep sea, but she’s afraid
to tell the others, for they would find it quite silly to hear voices
from the abysses. There is no pony there !

are right. But when she cast the magic spell, when she chant it in this
old and forgotten tongue, then a beautiful orb of light appears.And when she goes to the verge of the deep seas, near the precipice, then it appears. Massive, scaly and strong tentacles emerge from the darkness, attracted by the strange light of the Orb. At first it seems scary, but she knows it is quite playful, tender and funny.

That is Starry’s friend from the deep. Remember : it’s a secret !

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook