Mermay – The deep friend

Mermay is coming to an end, so this is my last minute submission to an overall quite pleasant event.

Crown has a secret. She knows a spell that no other seapony knows. She
learned it by listening to the songs of the deep sea, but she’s afraid
to tell the others, for they would find it quite silly to hear voices
from the abysses. There is no pony there !

are right. But when she cast the magic spell, when she chant it in this
old and forgotten tongue, then a beautiful orb of light appears.And when she goes to the verge of the deep seas, near the precipice, then it appears. Massive, scaly and strong tentacles emerge from the darkness, attracted by the strange light of the Orb. At first it seems scary, but she knows it is quite playful, tender and funny.

That is Starry’s friend from the deep. Remember : it’s a secret !

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook