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  • Inktober 21 – Fuzzy – So tell me Doc, what happened?– I… can’t. My memories are fuzzy. Still are.– What do you remember?– After you left for the bridge, I went on to check on Raven’s uniform.– Why?– A hunch, I wanted to search for organic compounds that may explain Raven’s state. I took some […]

  • Inktober 20 – Sprout Ok, almost there doc, hang on. It’s just around the… crystal?What the…I swear it was not there before. It…glows and it’s hot?Arrh, no time! Don’t touch! O2 almost gone, must reach my place.I’ll check that later. /* Krita + Yiynova */ [STORY START] OK. On y est presque, Doc. C’est juste […]

  • Inktober 18 – Moon Debris scattered everywhere. Motors cooling down. Buried under the landscape of a unknown planet’s moon, there’s a spaceship that, somehow, survived a terrible crash.Despite the evident damage, the hull’s structural integrity is intact. Some flickering light of a distress beacon light up. Miraculously, somebody survived.Somebody, or something… /* Krita + Yiynova […]

  • Inktober 12 – Stuck – What the .. oh shitshitshit– Stuck.– …comon dam’n door! open up!– Thanks– oh shitohshitohshit…– Thanks. This metallic protrusion. Needed. To fuse. to join. Antenna. Aetheric Medium– dafuckitstalkingabout? COME ON, OPEN UP!– Moving, now. Act, at last.– wha… Raven, is that you?– No– oh shiiiiit /* Krita + Yiynova */ [STORY […]

  • Keep talking, silver tongue Keep talking, silver tong, I’m enjoying your flattering babble.I am old and wary of the same old tricks, so be creativeKeep talking, silver tong,  and you may live some more.I am old and rich, be refreshing and I’ll reward you with some baubbles *** Continue de parler, vil flatteur, j’apprécie tes […]

  • Escaping the cliche – Ah my beloved, here with you, I feel good. I feel free. No more pretentious knights in shining armor!– Indeed, my dear. You know, many follows our footsteps and refuse that was once the norm.– We’re escaping this ridiculous cliche of the damsel in distress to be rescued. – But doing […]

  • Spaceship Synchronisation Syncing to the ship is crucial before any sort of space travel. How else can the pilot react to events incoming at the near speed of light? And how could a manchine adapt to the unforseen?Symbiosis is required to benefits both ways, *** Se synchroniser au vaisseau est crucial pour n’importe quel trajet […]