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  • Smoktober 10 They sails to the land of Lilliput, see Clefrin FrelockHe’s retired from official duties, and opened a shop“It’s indeed a pipe of mine, I recognize my crest.I swear to thee there’s no magic nor curses in my craft.”The sailor’s sight, it’s gonna be a long quest.“Hang on” said his wife, let’s sail to […]

  • Adventure – Change of view Life’s different when you’re only five inches high. New point of view, new obstacles… New monsters.But in the end, the world’s still larger than you can concieve. The sky’s the same. Will you ever manage to catch your own body? That’s for another story. *** La vie est bien différente […]

  • My little place It’s my little place. It’s not much, a simple hole under the banks.I’t damp, it’s dark, it’s small. But it’s mine. *** C’est mon petit coin. C’est pas beaucoup, juste un trou dans les berges de la rivière.C’est humide. C’est sombre. C’est petit.Mais c’est à moi. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / […]