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  • Smoktober 30 Returning home was easy, Elijah’s a good sailor. Now Sarah can relax, pampered, she’s under good care.They hold hands under the porch, smiling and waitingThere’s only one question left: What about the naming? *** Le retour fut aisé, Elijah est un marin hors pairMaintenant Sarah peut se reposer, choyée et dorlotéeAssise sous leur […]

  • Smoktober 27 – “I cannot thank you enough, Delilah. I’m cured! Breathing’s now a delight, everything smells anew!”– “I see. And you, Sarah? Will you be all right?”– “I will, for sure. Thank you. Thank you. How did you knew?”– “Elijah told me, long ago. About your wish.”– “What did I told you about? I […]

  • Smoktober 07 As it turns out, ‘tis was not a crate of rum.The old sailor’s wife is wise and stubborn.No way she’d let his old silly of a husband roams the seas alone, without her by his side. *** Il s’avéra que la caisse de rhum contenait autre choseLa femme du vieux marin est sage, […]

  • Smoktober 03 One night his wife wakes him up. She’s quite angry, and she yells at him:“I told you to stop smoking in the house! Especially in bed!”But as soon as she makes some light the room, she become worried.The old sailor was not smoking the pipe. He’s smoking… himself!Thin trails of smoke were pouring […]