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  • Advanced magic Master Grimaxi should be pleased. His apprentice is doing research on its own on advanced magic. Yet, somehow, the said apprentice feels his last experiment on teleportation won’t get his master’s approval. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Maître Grimaxi devrait être ravi : Son apprenti fait de lui même ses propres recherches avancées […]

  • Fire Sorcerer It’s simple, see? You just put you hand like that, channel your anger and let it out. That’s all.Why the screams… I… Stop. Please. I cannot show you anger management techniques if you keep running and screaming. *** Krita on Yiynova *** C’est tout bête, vraiment. Mettez votre main comme ça, canalisez votre […]

  • Lord Timmy 07 – Payback – It’s payback time, you creep !– Ok. Demon incarnate before me. Broke her restrains, very angry. Spells won’t work. No clothes, no tools, no weapons… Can’t be worse.– I give you one last ch…– Listen, I know you’re you’re angry, it’s because you have your period, right?– Ok. that’s […]

  • The pervert wizard on 5th avenue – What’s going on? The words are correct… The circle hasn’t been touched… Why is there no response? There’s always a response. Even when the response is to go f…– mmmh!– Silence behind!– MMMH!– Be quiet, sacrifice! Or I’ll sedate you! *** – Mais qu’est-ce qui se passe ? […]

  • WizzzRRRzzzard He pretends to conceptualize obscures arcane stuff and meditate…But his snoring gives him away. *** Il prétend conceptualiser ses arcanes et méditer…Mais ses ronflements le trahissent… Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • Scrying the future Old seer, wise wizard, what do you see in you crystal ball?No, seriously, how can you see with such a light?For me, all there is in your future is blindness. *** Vieux devin, sage magicien, que vois-tu dans ta boule de cristal ?Non sérieux, comment peux tu y voir quelque chose avec […]

  • Dancing with the flames

    Dancing with the flames Burning and scorching The flames are flowing Would you please ignite And forget your mind? *** Brûlantes et brillantes Les flammes dansantes Tournent et t’emportent Plus rien ne t’importe Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6

  • Drakerys III – Awakening

    Drakerys III – Awakening Ol’Index never remember seeing a magic duel before. He wasn’t expecting much and worried about being to close to explosions and fireballs. He was worrying about the future, too. There was no way to establish on the Valgar Isles and all alternatives were risky. Was choosing the Theosophic Church of Jaara […]