natives were among the last to flee the sinking island of Kaiku. Most of
the reputed library content and their few belongings were already safe
in the ship’s hull, but the imminent demise of what they always believed
to be an island came sooner than expected. They grabbed all the
remaining stuff they could find and fled to the surface, running like
hell in the flooded corridors. Ol’timey Index could hear nothing but his
heartbeat, one hand clutched on his cane and the other to the last
books of the Island.

They didn’t have time to look back on their homeland as it disappear in the waters. In a matter of minutes, all was gone.

their breath, they lined on the ship’s rail and looked on the vast see,
filled with mud and detritus, slowly spreading to the ocean. Old Index
shudders and look at his family. So many were gone… Some tears dripped
and many fell to their knees. With the tension of the last few days
suddenly gone, everyone was breaking down. Index knew what has to be

– “Hey y’all ! Stop crying for a second and lookey what i got there !”

turned their eyes upon the old geezer as he held high his hand in the
blazing sky the Rose of Kaiku, the very soul of their people. In the
blazing sunlight, the magical rose changed colors again. Now it was
shining brightly a vivid nuance of copper. At this very moment, they
knew they did it. The Walker was among them and they hear his wisper in
their soul. They did it ! Now’s the time to set sail to a new home,
their home !



Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook