Mushroom guy

After turning to the right before the chasm and following for a while the tunnel with the greenish moss on it, you enter a cave lighted by luminous fungus growing on the walls. Initially startled by your sudden arrival, a strange looking fellow wearing a hat in the shape of a giant mushroom. You talk with him for a while and he explain to you he lives here and made a living selling his production. Sadly, he don’t know about the amulet of Yendor nor the location of the entrance to the Gehemon as he rarely leave his cave and fears sunlight.

Before you take your leave, he offers to sell you some mushrooms. He have meal made from mushrooms, luminescent mushroom to light the way and even poisonous ones.

– If you buy a luminous mushroom for 10 gp, type “Light
– If you buy a poisonous mushroom for 5 gp, type “Poison
– If you buy a Mushroom Delicacy meal for 2 gp, type “Small Meal
– If you buy a Mushroom Extravaganza meal for 20 gp, type “Big Meal
– If you leave without buying anything, type “Leave
– If you draw your sword and attack the poor fellow, type “Bully

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook