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  • No more water No more water this year, the river has gone dry. Fish died. Frog fled. Moss covers the pebbles. Reeds and lilies are replaced by grass and ferns. The trees are ok, for now. There’s still plenty of life here and yet, I feel the desert slowly creeping. I feel sad, Not because […]

  • Lost rabbit A rabbit? Again? Why do keep drawing them? Where do they come for?This one seems different… /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Un lapin ? Encore !? Comment se fait-ce que j’en dessine autant ? D’où viennent-ils ?Celui-là semble différent…

  • Lost place It’s a overlooked place, not so far in the northern woods. You wouldn’t notice. It’s quiet, silent, peaceful. Dark carved rocks emerges from the ground. There may have been some kind of structure here, who knows?Who cares.Nobody cares about the little places.They lives, without a care in the world.Forgotten. And that’s fine. /* […]

  • Tea time – …and when I came back, the lid was broken and all the content has been stolen!– Oh my, this is most disrespectful. I mean, it was clearly labelled as a grave, with skulls and such.– Of course! We even carved some curses in forgotten languages and gargoyles and grimacing faces and all.– […]

  • Hello there Hello there.Could you spare some time  to sit with me? I would very much fancy a talk. A friendly talk.A talk about a certain someone that came here and wreck the sacred burial site. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you? *** Krita + Yiynova *** Bonsoir, cher voyageur. Puis-je […]

  • I wish you marvels and wonders Commission for a marvelous friends For they special someone they loveI wish you both marvels and wondersMay you find the secrets from above. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Commission pour quelqu’un de merveilleuxAfin de l’offrir à sa tendre ame soeurJe vous souhaite de tout mon coeur à tous deuxDes […]

  • Adventure – Still Lost in the woods Oh bummer. Trees. Lots of trees… Is that a birch? Whatever, still no sign of getting out and paths leads nowhere. You feel like you’re going in circles. Admit it… you’re lost. What will you do?– Stay where you are and think.– Keep walking, what else can you […]

  • Adventure – Then I will follow you! – “No gold?”– “Not a coin”– “You haven’t any coin left on you? That’s…”– “Well you see…”– “That’s sad! So sad!” Are they.. crying? – “It’s…”– “Don’t fret !”– “What?”– “Notagnome will help you and tag along until good fortune stumble upon you! Then you can repay me.”– […]

  • Adventure – Lost in the woods Well, you’re lost. Again. Didn’t you already saw this tree? ugh… walking into theses bushes is exhausting. Sometimes you see small movements from the corner of your eyes. Birds maybe… What will you do?– Stay where you are, and rest a while– Keep walking, you’ll should end somewhere… eventually,– […]

  • Adventure – Not Alone

    Well, you’re lost.This forest is confusing, paths begins and ends without rhyme orreason. Fortunately, there’s no more laughs and voices. It’s stillcreepy, ‘though. You can’t shake this feeling that something is stillwatching you. Wait… have you been there already? What will you do?- Stay where you are, and wait.- Keep walking,– No wait, this way […]