RPG Character – Alastor Nephentes

“Thebes’s fines herbs” is an herbalist shop in Diagon alley.
Astragal and Agatha Nephentes, the owners, have recently the joy to have
their only son Alastor accepted in Hogwarts School for Wizard. As they
often boasted of their ancient Egyptian origins of their family, it came
as no surprise when Alastor’s magical talent manifested some years ago
when he was attacked by a nasty seeding of tentaculatris excruciatis visciosis.
He instinctively repelled the dendrites with a sudden burst of
lightning. Since then, he has vainly tried to reproduce this feat to the
great amusement of Rhark, his raven.

of the family activities theses last summer were focused on the
preparation for the upcoming start of school. The Nephentes are not the
richest merchants in the street, but they certainly can afford a
scholarship for their son. Furthermore, his old pal Cecil came back from
the continent to shop with him. Soon after, he was equipped with a
brand new robe, books and a fine magic wand made from a twisted branch
of sycamore tree. The vendor assured him to his delight (and Agatha’s
woe) that this kind of  wand had a tendency to catch fire if used
routinely to perform the same boring tricks again and again. It was made
with a special ingredient that was quite rare for it contained the
feather of a Sphinx!

Alastor like to learn
with his body more than his mind, leading him to many troubles for him
and Cecil. He likes gardening, cooking and making potions. His parents
gave to him a pair of dragon-skin gloves that can resist to almost
anything! He likes to eat spicy food so much that his tasting buds
became quite dull, especially when compared to his keen sense of smell.
He really want to study the best he can to make his parents proud of
him. He hope one day to take their succession at the boutique, but after
visiting the world.

With such a passion
for exploration and experimentation,it came as no surprise when the
Sorting Hat sent him to the Ravenclaw House.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook