The Valkyries from Yuggoth

Sjörn died in battle, with honor. The Valkyries came and took his soul to Valhalla.

So is the tale, written on his tombstone. The tale of a brave and fearless warrior, one of the finest. Curiously, his son Feyr never talks about his father. Except once…

It was the time Canute the Great unified the Dane. Feys Sjörnson was completely and utterly wasted, drunk to the bones. He sang with the others, dance with the maidens of the house and drank some more. Then one of his men complimented the largest maiden of the lot by saying that she had the hips of a Valkyrie. Feyr went red and screamed that she lacks two more pair of arms, that Valkyries were hairless, that their wings are made of leather and their arms of lobster, that the souls of men were inside their skulls and you have to cut it open to really free the soul. His men took him away to let him sleep and he never spoke of it again.

Pencil Doodle on A6 Sketchbook
Commission for Kenegan of  Cthulhu Hack