Epic Tatoo 4 – Bushi

Feel my wrath my father, the old must go away!
Hear my words my dear son. I cannot change my ways.
Then you’ll die! We arrive! A new world is coming!
Then I’ll fight. Then I’ll die. There’s no place for old things.


Sens ma peine, mon vieux père, L’ancien monde est mort !
Entends-moi, mon cher fils. Je ne puis l’accepter.
Alors meurt ! Nous sommes là ! Entends ces cris dehors !
Je me battrais, puis mourrais, trop vieux pour changer

Part of a commissioned 5 pieces tattoo / Commission de 5 designs pour tatouages
Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

Bonus :

It’s the nature of time
That the old ways must give in
It’s the nature of time
That the new ways comes in sin
When the new meets the old
It always end the ancient ways
And as history told
The old ways go out in a blaze
Encircled by a vulture
The end of ancient culture
The dawn of destiny draws near

Imperial force defied, facing 500 samurai
Surrounded and outnumbered
60 to 1, the sword face the gun
Bushido dignified
It’s the last stand of the samurai
Surrounded and outnumbered

Shiroyama – © Sabaton