Smoktober 02

He like to smoke so much he has a large collection of smoking pipes and apparels from all around the world.
Some very simple, some incredibly complex. Some made from clay, other carved from wood and some cast from metal.
This is not a very expensive collection, for he was not rich. Nonetheless, it’s a collection he could be proud of.


Il aime tant à fumer la pipe qu’il en a une large collection, provenant des quatre coins du monde.
Certaines rustiques, d’autres incroyablement complexes. D’argile, de bois ou de métal, il en a de toutes sorte.
Ce n’est pas une collection si exceptionnelle que ça. Mais c’est une collection dont il peux être fier.

Ink brush on A6 sketchbook / Encre de chine sur carnet A6
Smoktober 2020 – An Ink story about Smoke