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  • Old Sailor Elijah I very liked this character. Even if I can’t manage to draw it the same twice.Here’s Elijah again, an old sailor that started to smoke too much *** J’ai beaucoup aimé ce personnage. Même si je ne parviens pas à dessiner deux fois à l’identique…Revoici donc Elijah, un vieux marin qui ne […]

  • Smoktober 10 They sails to the land of Lilliput, see Clefrin FrelockHe’s retired from official duties, and opened a shop“It’s indeed a pipe of mine, I recognize my crest.I swear to thee there’s no magic nor curses in my craft.”The sailor’s sight, it’s gonna be a long quest.“Hang on” said his wife, let’s sail to […]

  • Smoktober 09 So they sails to the next harbor, see Jimmy Maggle. He have a nice shop, called “Tobacco & finest pipes”Jimmy apologies. “I really don’t know about magic, dear client. But if you think this one’s cursed, please have a replacement.”You can’t argue with no charges, and Jimmy seems sincere.“Let’s ask the next one” […]

  • Smoktober 02 He like to smoke so much he has a large collection of smoking pipes and apparels from all around the world.Some very simple, some incredibly complex. Some made from clay, other carved from wood and some cast from metal.This is not a very expensive collection, for he was not rich. Nonetheless, it’s a […]