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  • Masks of NyarlathotepThe Black Pharaoh appears ! Somewhere, March 1925 A line in the dark, a fall upwards and inwards, a shift through veils… How can they describe the passage through the headstone? Words struggles to express the incredibly weird twisting of perspectives and still movement perceived in what they can only name the┬ánon-space. Time […]

  • Masks – The Temple of the Black Pharaoh Under Cairo, Egypt. March 1925 the 21th? 22th? The hunger is gone now but the thirst has returned. Their heads feels light, not quite anchored to their skulls. Tired, covered in ancient dust and moss and Gods know what, it feels like eons they went through, and […]

  • Masks of Nyarlathotep – Dramatis Personae From left to right :- Allen Stewart, A fiction writer and essayist that had once had an horrifying encounter with an undead sorcerer. – Awnya Hitchckock, A young lady indoctrinated since her birth in the machinations of the Cult of the Golden Dawn.– Harold William Cohen-Stein, an independent artist […]