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  • Anima one-shot 04 – Naughty boy Stupid! Stupid! They should have known that Two was not free enough from the influence of Father. Thirteen rushes to the tower, exploding their powers to melt the trapdoor leading to the Creators nest, Extending their senses to their maximum, trying to locate the second Protector Construct.But there is […]

  • Anima one-shot 03 – Pineapples With the combined powers of Fifteen and Sixteen, sneaking in the truck was easy. Thirteen wasn’t sure about the plan, but he agree that the truck was going in the towers’s direction. Time was lacking and the Creators needed energy. Badly.As the truck started rolling again, they searched the cargo. […]

  • Anima One-shot 02 – 13 The Plan Thirteen is a fighter, proficient with any weapon. A good rifle and a scope were all they needed. One by one, they cleared the sky of drones. It wasn’t much of a damage and they knew the remaining drones just transmitted their position to the rest of the […]

  • Anima One-shot 01 – Carrying 15 Thirteen is fighting their urge to fight. Ironic. The corpse of Fifteen in their hands, they wish they could draw their blades and destroy those damned spiders behind them. Along with Fourteen and Sixteen, they sprint through the desolated street of the now dead city. All the organics are […]

  • Feral bone Spirit It’s alive !?