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  • Inktober 2019 – 15 – Legend “In the little village of ProvidenceThere wrote a gentle man,Filling countless reams from his ghastly dreams,And a Mythos thus began. Great Cthulhu! And Mighty Azathoth!Nyarlathotep! Yog-Shothoth!In his cosmic tales horror never failsIt’s the Mythos of a king.[…]” Mythos Of A King – This song is by H.P. Lovecraft Historical […]

  • Vlad III Basarad The vo├»vode Vlad III Basarad, Son of Dragon, posing among the coat of arms of Walachia. A portrait done to celebrate the departure of a colleague sharing with me the admiration for this mysterious historical figure that spun quite the legend, spanning from centuries, feeding on folklore and powering up with each […]