Smoktober 06

As he boards his sloop, the old sailor takes a sad look at an empty dock.
There’s no one there. His wife didn’t come to say goodbye.
His pack’s full of pipes. His hold’s full of food. There’s also a heavy crate of rum.
With a sight, he raises the bridge and the anchor, ready to sail away.


Embarquant à bord de son sloop, le vieux marin jette un coup d’oeil sur le quai vide.
Il n’y a personne pour lui dire au revoir. Même pas sa femme.
Son sac est plein de pipes. Ses cales pleins de provisions. il y a même un lourde caisse de rhum.
Soupirant, il lève l’ancre et la passerelle, prêt à prendre la mer.

Ink brush on A6 sketchbook / Encre de chine sur carnet A6Smoktober 2020 – An Ink story about Smoke