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  • The overseer is not pleased So this is it. This is the project you were working on these last three year. I am very disappointed, young man. This is unacceptable. Did you know how many valuables resources you wasted on this…Is this supposed to be an equine? Whatever. You will be responsible for this failure, […]

  • Radioactive – Ok, how am I doing so far?– I can’t tell you that, you know. After the exam.– Oh come on, at least tell me if i made a big mistake!– All I can say is that you should check your protection gear is complete again.– The hat! I forgot the hat! Oh I’m […]

  • Examination Dr Bretzelovich was baffled. So was Dr Acharya and Dr Levinov and all the others.The army has contacted each of them individually, telling they manage to extract a sentient being from another dimension.The opportunity of a life time! ¬†They didn’t knew what to expect, but certainly not that. They tried every method of communication, […]