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  • No reason to be wary There, there… little rabbit.There’s no reason to be wary.There’s no treason to be scared.Yes, the stench of the decaying wolf is haunting the place.But dead thing are not a threat.Not this time.Not anymore.You are not alone, little rabbit. ***Là, là… petit lapin.Aucune raison d’être sur tes gardes.Aucune raison d’avoir peur.C’est […]

  • Dragon on the road As you stroll through this narrow forest path, you encounter this small reptile.Standing, wary of you presence, the little creature is gauging you, patiently.What will you do? *** Alors que vous vous promeniez dans les bois, le long de ce sentier étroit, vous croisez ce petit reptile.Dressé, aux aguets, conscient de […]