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  • Fireproof John John Takoman is a mutant with newfound superpowers. He discovered his while playing with matches, which is not really spectacular for a backstory.He can’t start a fire by himself but he can withstand the most blazing of braziers, coming out relatively unscathed. That is something.Nowadays, he switches between two jobs: fireman and fireman. […]

  • Metamorphosis My feet are firmly planted on the groud underMy hands are both raised high in the sky overTelluric currents running through me, changing meI am becoming one with the world now you see *** Mes pieds fermement plantés dans le sol dessousMes bras fièrement levés vers les cieux, s’agitentLes courants telluriques me traversent, c’est […]

  • Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing What’s the point of fighting, When everyone’s dying? When your home is burning? Why did you keep standing? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Pourquoi encore lutter ? Ton château à brûlé, Tes gens sont décédés, Pourquoi diable résister ? Criterium sur carnet A6